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Spring Willow Limited

Spring Willow is a Bristol based production company set up in March 2021 by Kate Hicks. The company was named after Kate's brother, Will, who tragically took his own life in March 2019. She became incredibly passionate about producing real life stories to help raise awareness about topics she felt strongly about, such as mental health, animal welfare, human psychology/behaviour, and other humanitarian subjects.

The company recruits freelance crew members for its projects and currently consists of a brilliant, small and hardworking team.

The Team

Kate Hicks- Producer/Director





Agnelo Wayne Rodrigues- Director of Photography


Lee Viesnik- Sound Recordist





Zane Zacharis- Behind The Scenes Photographer

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Screenshot 2021-06-08 at 19.03.27.png

Kate studied Film at The University of the West of England and specialised in producing. She then went on to work in the Film and TV industry in London for five years as an Assistant Director. Kate worked on productions such as Netflix, Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony, Universal, Sky, Amblin, BBC, ITV,  and many more. She moved back to Bristol a year after the death of her brother and set up her own production company, Spring Willow, to produce and direct films about subjects that are important to her.


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Over the past five years Lee has worked as a sound recordist on eight independent feature films and many short films, but he's keen to work on more documentaries.
"I really enjoyed filming the pilot for this series. I thought Kate, Agnelo, Zane and myself made a great team, the story is strong and I can’t wait to see how the documentary develops in time. It was also a pleasure spending so much time with quirky and loveable dogs!"

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Heading 1

Agnelo is an experienced director of photography with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry. Skilled in Videography, Documentaries, Editing, and Cinematography. He is a strong business development professional with a Graduation focused in Photography from New York Institute of Photography and a Cinematographer studied from London Film Academy.


Zane is a creative and fearless photographer and videographer with the ability, drive and focus to tackle every kind of project and challenge.

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